Deadwood Leather Rose Cigars by Drew Estate



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Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty Cigars by Drew Estate



  1. Petite Corona
  2. Torpedo


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drew estate deadwood tobacco co leather rose


Leather Rose? It’s not just a fascinating blend of aromas; it’s the latest masterpiece from Drew Estate that has aficionados buzzing with excitement! Drew Estate, a longstanding champion in the world of cigars, continues to elevate the smoking experience with their newest addition to the lineup. Initially known as the Three Yummy Bitches, this cigar series has undergone a recent expansion, and enthusiasts couldn’t be more delighted.

The name might raise eyebrows, and the packaging is uniquely unconventional, but for those familiar with Drew Estate, these cigars are an absolute must-try. Wrapped in a maduro wrapper that exudes exotic aromas, each puff of these cigars unfolds layers of delectable Drew Estate flavors. What sets Leather Rose apart from the rest of the Deadwood Tobacco blend is its undisclosed filler blend, rumored to introduce an extra kick of spice when compared side by side. Considering the triumphs of Drew Estate’s previous creations like Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and more, there’s no room for skepticism – these sticks are nothing short of stellar.

fat bottom betty cigars


Fat Bottom Betty? It’s not just a reference to an unforgettable Saturday night; it’s a nod to one of Drew Estate’s most iconic releases that’s taken the cigar world by storm! Drew Estate’s enduring prominence in the cigar industry reaches new heights with the success of their Deadwood Tobacco line, and at the forefront is the captivating series originally known as the Three Yummy Bitches, recently unleashed to enthusiasts everywhere.

The name may be whimsical, the packaging unconventional, and the sizes anything but traditional – yet, if you’re acquainted with Drew Estate, you’re already anticipating these as a must-try. Cloaked in a maduro wrapper exuding exotic aromas, Fat Bottom Betty cigars deliver an unparalleled cascade of the trademark Drew Estate flavors. Although not infused, Fat Bottom Betty Cigars form an integral part of Drew Estate’s Deadwood Tobacco line, an aromatic collection that boasts an intense flavor profile naturally sweet and pleasing to the senses. Given the triumphs of Drew Estate’s previous creations like Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and more, there’s no room for skepticism – these sticks are undoubtedly nothing short of stellar.

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Drew Estate Cigars FAQ

What flavor is the Deadwood Leather Rose cigar?

The Deadwood Leather Rose cigar features an exotic aroma with an undisclosed filler blend that introduces an extra kick of spice, creating a unique and rich flavor profile.

Who makes Leather Rose cigars?

Leather Rose cigars are made by Drew Estate, a renowned name in the cigar industry.

Are Deadwood cigars flavored?

Yes, Deadwood cigars, including the Leather Rose and Fat Bottom Betty, have an aromatic and naturally sweet flavor profile. However, they are not infused.

Who makes Deadwood cigars?

Deadwood cigars are made by Drew Estate.

Leather Rose cigar 5 Pack

You can purchase a 5 pack of Leather Rose cigars from various online cigar retailers and local cigar shops.

Deadwood Cigars

Deadwood Cigars is a line by Drew Estate, known for its rich and aromatic flavors, including popular varieties like Leather Rose and Fat Bottom Betty.

Leather Rose Cigar Review

The Leather Rose cigar by Drew Estate is praised for its exotic aromas and spicy, rich flavor profile. It’s wrapped in a maduro wrapper and is part of the Deadwood Tobacco line.

Leather Rose cigar box

Leather Rose cigars are available for purchase in boxes, often featuring unique and unconventional packaging that stands out.

Leather Rose cigar order online

You can order Leather Rose cigars online from various retailers such as Cigars International, JR Cigars, and other specialty cigar shops.

Leather Rose cigars near me

To find Leather Rose cigars near you, check with local cigar shops or use online retailer store locators.

Drew Estate cigars

Drew Estate is a prominent cigar manufacturer known for a wide range of cigars, including the Deadwood Tobacco line, Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, and Natural series.

Fox cigar Leather Rose

Fox Cigar is a retailer that offers Leather Rose cigars among other Drew Estate products. Check their website or stores for availability.

What cigars does Drew Estates make?

Drew Estate makes a variety of cigars, including Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, Deadwood Tobacco (including Leather Rose and Fat Bottom Betty), Tabak Especial, and more.

Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro

The Undercrown Maduro is a popular cigar by Drew Estate known for its rich and complex flavor profile, featuring a maduro wrapper.

Blackened Cigars

Blackened Cigars is another line by Drew Estate, known for their collaboration with Metallica, offering a unique smoking experience with a bold flavor.

Cigars International

Cigars International is a major retailer that offers a wide range of cigars, including Drew Estate’s Leather Rose and other products.

Drew Estate Tabak Especial café

Tabak Especial Café by Drew Estate is a popular line of coffee-infused cigars known for their rich, smooth, and sweet flavors.

Undercrown cigars

Undercrown cigars by Drew Estate are known for their exceptional quality and rich flavor profiles, available in various wrappers including maduro and shade.

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