Maximo Decimo is a complete cigarette brand project, this project is based on the years where there was a gladeator called Maximo Decimo, belonging to royalty and retired from his power.

This is one of our best and main projects that has different items, such as cigar band, foot band, warranty label, among other items, it has its digital version, all visual part and files for printing with finishes finished by professional designers in the area of brand printing.


Immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of art and technology with our digital product designed to elevate your smoking experience to a unique form of expression. Every stroke of this interactive digital art has been carefully crafted to capture the essence and elegance of the smoking ritual. With an immersive color palette and captivating animations, this product creates a visually stunning experience that accompanies every inhalation. Bring your passion for cigars to life with this digital masterpiece that redefines how you enjoy and appreciate each moment. Dive into the new era of digital cigar art.

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