5 Vegas Gold




In a world enamored with bold, full-bodied cigars, the allure of smooth, creamy smokes like the 5 Vegas Gold remains unrivaled. Crafted by the esteemed Nestor Plasencia, this cigar is a testament to his mastery, boasting meticulously aged tobaccos and a luscious Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. From top-quality long-fillers to seamless construction, every aspect of the 5 Vegas Gold exudes excellence.

With each draw, the 5 Vegas Gold reveals its spirited character, offering a delightful interplay of nutty undertones and zesty pepper notes. Yet, true to its nature, this cigar quickly transitions to a velvety smoothness, enveloping the palate in rich creaminess. Consistent and well-balanced, it delivers thick clouds of smoke with every puff, ensuring a truly satisfying experience from start to finish.

First Class Premium Cigar Sampler II

First Class Premium Cigar Sampler II
At a comfortable medium strength, the 5 Vegas Gold strikes the perfect balance, neither too overpowering nor too mild. Its handsome “gold bar” packaging only adds to its appeal, while its surprisingly affordable price point makes it a true gem among cigars. For aficionados seeking a blend that marries quality, flavor, and value, the 5 Vegas Gold shines brightly as an irresistible choice.

Indulge in the sheer delight of the 5 Vegas Gold and discover why it remains a favorite among discerning cigar enthusiasts. Share your impressions and join the chorus of praise for this exceptional blend, as its smoothness and sophistication continue to win hearts and palates alike.

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